Welcome to the DBHS Anti-Bullying Reporting Website!

What *is* bullying?

Bullying is a series of repeated, negative acts by a person or a group of people against another person.


These acts may be physical, or using words and threats -- for example, hitting or kicking, teasing or taunting -- or they may involve less obvious actions such as excluding people from activities on purpose.


There is always an imbalance in power between the bully and victim. 

Bullying is *not* a one-time action, such as someone shoving you in the lunch line. It might still be wrong, and you should still tell a teacher or adult if you are harmed, but it is not bullying. 


Check out the videos - and if after watching them and reading this, you think you are the victim of bullying, then click the ‘Fill out a report’ link below to complete a form to report the actions of a bully.